Legal, Ethics & Socio-economic aspects

It has been claimed that some robotics and artificial intelligence applications are so technologically advanced, that they require ”a systemic […]

Intelectual Property Rights

It is worth emphasizing that IP protection – via patents, copyrights, designs, trade secrets, trademarks, etc. – is key to […]

Societal & Socio-economic Uptake

Europe is well placed to become a leader in the use of interactive robots, but developments are unevenly distributed among […]


Robots are becoming more suitable to work alongside with humans and are not anymore confined to the industrial environment. Educational […]


  Robots are no longer bound to factories behind fences. Interactive robots are entering our everyday lives and society faces […]

Support to SMEs

From INBOTS we are commited to support startups and companies developing interactive robotics technologies offering them a reference on how […]